Last week saw the very successful running of Warriors On the Water (WOW)!  No we didn't play guitar there but it was certainly an honor to be a part of this community outreach activity for the 5th time.  For those not familiar, this activity pairs volunteer boaters from Fayetteville and surrounding communities with soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines for a one day bass fishing tournament.  

It all comes together on Wednesday evening with the "Ice Breaker" held at the Sports Center on Fort Bragg.  This is where the boaters and soldiers meet for the 1st time.  It all takes place admist military "pomp and circumstance" in a celebration for those who have served, both living and passed, and those who serve today.  If this doesn't lite your fire, then you might need to check and see if your wood isn't wet.

The tourney took place on Friday on Jordan Lake with the launching of 155 boats.  I'd love to report that my soldier and I caught big bass but alas we came in zero, but without any disappointment as once again a young soldier and a old soldier spent a day sharing experiences and enjoying the simple peace of fishing.

My Heartfelt Thanks

mr. ron

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