Last year was a time of mixed emotions here in the studio with three of my students leaving.  Yes, sad to see them go but so happy for them at the same time.  They worked hard and learned much.  Their reward - getting into the school of their choice.

Among them was Christina Dawson who joined the studio in 2004 at age 10.  A student of one of my satelite programs she longed for the enviornment that offered both private and group study.  Her progress took off improving her music knowledge and performance ability.  Her energy earned her several position in the studio guitar quartet.   In 2006 she became the 5th student in the studio to be recognized as an "Honors Performer" at the Colorado Suzuki Institute (CSI), in Beaver Creek.  In 2007 she repeated this achievement, becoming one of 4 students in the studio to accomplish the feat.

Last year Christina entered Appalachian State University.  She decided to continue guitar as a minor performing several auditions to be admited to that program.  She was also selected to be a member of the prestigious Guitar Ensemble.  Her ability and energy will no doubt serve her well as she finishes her freshman year at ASU.

Way To Go Christina!

mr. ron


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