Wow what a way to end the teaching year in Fayetteville, NC!  First I want to express my sincere appreciation to the parents of my guitar students who have supported this effort to ensure their children receive the very best in music education and experience in guitar.  I know that each of you experienced the heartfelt pride that only a parent knows during our last group meeting for the year.

That brings me next to Elliot Frank who graciously came over from ECU again to conduct master classes with each of the students.  This is the 2nd year that we have hosted his visit and the 2nd time that each of these students have played for him.  As a teacher I could not be more pleased at the progress Elliot witnessed as each of the students performed.  

What better way to celebrate than to get the students, their parents and Elliot together for a nice party.  I want to express my appreciation to the Mash House for hosting our celebration; in particular Patty and Kristin for making it all possible and accomodating last minute changes.  We all had a wonderful time exspecially the children.  

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Fayetteville, NC for your child, I would like to personally invite you to call me at Soundboard Studios with any questions.  Either emal me at soundboard1@earthlinklink.net or call me at 910-860-1422.  Let's have a great time learning guitar!

My sincere appreciation to you all,

mr. ron

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