Well its the day after Christmas and many are out and about shopping for bargains.  How many of us have spent hard earned money on gifts for our children and found the gift has lost its lure almost overnight?  If you're a parent I know you have and I know how you feel.  We've all done it!

How about a gift that keeps on giving - A Music Education!  Thats right; you can't wear it out and it stays with you for your entire life.  Guitar Lessons will give reward for effort invested, and can even pave the way into higher education.  And thats just for the child.  For the parent there is that great feeling of satisfaction and pride when we watch our children achieve worthwhile goals.

The Spring term starts January 6th so the time to call about enrollment is now! Oh less I forget to mention it, home schoolers can take advantage of early lesson times and beat the after school hush.

Give me a call at 910-860-1422.  I look forward to hearing from you.

mr. ron

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