If you missed this years ECU Guitar Festival you missed a great one!  This year saw the 1st ever guitar quartet and their performance was fantastic.  And in addition to just playing great it was the 1st time I've ever seen players used Ipads on stage instead of paper scores.  Technology sure moves fast. 

As always the visiting artist gave great masterclasses with valuable information and artistic ideas.  I'm always looking for a different approach as to how to perform a piece and this year was no different.

Talk about crazy coincedence - I bought up some music at the concession, among which was Isaac Albeniz's Capricho Catalan arrainged by Jeffrey McFadden.  I was chating with Roby Salter, a former studio student, who remarked how much he liked the piece.  Well right after the purchase Elliot Frank performed and for his encore he played the piece - no doubt I've have to get to work on this one!

And I'd be remissed to not mention how good it was to see my old friend in the, ahem "seasoned players" group (smile). We have been sharing our love of the guitar for several years now and I always look forward to the reunion.

For an enjoyable time that was had by all I'm sure, my heartfelt "Thanks" to Elliot Frank for another successful festival - see you next year!


mr. ron

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