It was March 2003 when a young Marquez Dedeaux started guitar lessons.  Who knew that he would become the longest running student in the studio!  I will never forget his first group lesson.  He got a bit distraught when he was unable to keep up with the other students.  After some consoling I explained that he wasn't supposed to be able to keep up with the others yet but one day there would be students that couldn't keep up with him.  Well he took that to heart and became one of the most dedicated students ever.  

Marquez traveled with me to every event that was available, making numerous trip to the Colorado Suzuki Institute at Beaver Creek, the AppState GuitarFest and the ECU Guitar Workshop.  He became a member of the studio quartet and played in every position.  

Not just a wonderful player of the guitar Marquez is an academic as well.  He graduated Saluditorian from Trinity Christian School and is finishing his freshman year at Campbell University.  He set an example for other students to emulate!

Way to go Marquez

mr. ron

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