From time to time I like to reflect on my students that have moved on to that next phase of their life - College!!  In 2000 a very young 6 year old Callie Brown started guitar lesson with me.  From the outset I knew that she would excell as a player, possibly a performer.  Callie participated in everything that we did in the studio and eventually became a member of the studio quartet.  She played every position in the group and eventually led the quartet as its 1st chair.  I remember talking with her mother, telling her that I would put her daughter on stage one day.  In 2006 Callie tried out for an "Honors Performance" during that years Colorado Suzuki Institute.  She became the 8th of my students to receive that honor.  When she walked onto the stage for her performance, I told her mother "...promise made, promise kept!"

 Callie is finishing her freshman year at the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, TN.  

Way To Go Callie,

mr. ron

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